Comprehensive Web Services for Personal and Small Business Customers

We can do a lot of things. Any aspect of your online presence can be fixed, kindled, or developed from scratch. There’s a lot more to gaining a customer’s trust than having a landing page. If you want to expand your web presence, Bespoke Web Shop is here for you. See more about the services we offer below. 

Our Services

Website development

This is our bread and butter. We were made to build websites. Getting the correct information displayed in a way that the end user can clearly understand is an art. When the user can easily navigate through your site and learn what they needed, this creates a form of trust and want to work together. 


Selling your products at the flea market is very time consuming and it’s hard to get a lot of people to check out what you sell. With an ecommerce platform you can sell your products to the whole world! Bespoke web Shop can make this happen in a user-friendly way. Using the latest technologies your business will grow exponentially. 

WordPress Development

Having a beautiful, simple to use website is what everyone wishes they had. Many people really like the simplicity of managing a website with WordPress. We can build off of their platform to create a tailored experience for both the user and the person who will have to update the site from the backend. 

Custom Plugins

Sometimes you have a great idea and know exactly what you want. Then you try to find a solution and there is not one available. We can create tailored plugins to make your website do anything. 

Template Design

Bespoke Web Shop builds pages that stand out and are lightning-fast. These designs can then be the blueprint for your growing body of work.

Search Engine Optimization

When people google something. No one looks too far. Did you know there’s a second page?! We can make sure you show up. Want to show up in style? Check out the services we offer above. 

Traffic Analytics

Improving on what you have doesn’t help if you don’t know what people are looking at when they visit your site. We can bring that information to light and over time optimize your user’s experiences.